Help & Tech Support Was playing zombies and all of a sudden it just froze then the PS5 just turned off. Had to do the SSD and Extended HDD repairs, hopefully it is a one time off but I'll just play other games in the meantime just incase it is a Spider-Man problem. We have to use other accounts to login, despite turning off all parental controls in the PS App and on the PS5 itself. I was luckily able to power it back on but it had to repair my external hdd. So my PS5 is in rest mode, the yellow lights just started blinking and my HDMI on my tv swapped to its HDMI port, it didn't turn on though just eventually stopped flashing and the system shut fully off. Right before it crashed, demons souls started to have sudden weird framerate drops and stutters. Made some food and then cleaned my ps5 was on but idle. Playing cod game started lagging and then console shuts off. I was able to turn it back on by hitting the power on the system itself … The ps5 was working fine and I was playing some ghost of tsushima, gtsport, astrobot, and demon's souls until I got to the red dragon last night and it started to freeze and the system turned off. Power outages have a habit of disrupting games consoles, including the PS5. It froze as I took a picture and my ps5 shut down. Here’s how to reset your PS5 after a power outage causes it to crash. Wouldn’t turn back on with my controller or power button. You can use it to turn it off and on at your leisure. I had to press the power button a couple times to get it to turn on. The button should be on the front of the console. The PS3 and PS4 didn’t respond well to power outages, often accusing their user's of incorrectly turning off the console. I was playing Cold War when I had to take a picture. That was the first sign of a crash. Some UK customers have reported that their preordered PlayStation 5 from Amazon is turning up on their doorstep filled with random items unrelated to the console itself. My PS5 just crashed and shut off while playing demons souls. The first is by clicking the buttons on the system itself. Why? Sooo my PS5 just crashed while playing COD and turned itself off and now it wont turn on after being unplugged. So left my ps5 on. It's been turning off by itself ever since even while in the home menu. Had to unplug the power cord and plug it back in and then hit the button and it turned back on. So make sure you turn it off yourself.i was told to turn off auto rest mode, I … Then when I turned the ps5 back on it forced me to reset to factory defaults and reinstall the system software with no … Then the screen turned green and shut my system off crashing it. My PS5 just turned itself off while playing Miles Morales. My controller got stuck vibrating as I took the picture. I have a weird problem with my PS5 when my HDMI link is set to on. In the console settings, I've turned off rest mode etc., but when I turn off the TV for a while, PS5 enters the rest mode anyway.

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